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Technical difficulties…

05 Oct 2013 / in Landscapes

Well…the launch of Subevent ver 3.0 is delayed due to technicalities and I´m trying not to take this too serious. In the meantime I´ll let you enjoy some seascapes…  

Actionpics Final 1/9-2013

02 Sep 2013 / in Uncategorized

Här hittar ni ett urval av foton från Actionpics bandag 1/9-2013.

Actionpics – Gelleråsen august 2013

10 Aug 2013 / in Roadracing

Shots from thursday…just follow this link:  

In the harbour…

22 Jul 2013 / in Landscapes

A calm evening in a small harbour on the Swedish westcoast.

Dragracing Tierp

15 Jun 2013 / in Car racing, Uncategorized

Here´s some shots from my trip to Tierp Arena and the European Dragracing Championships. I´ve tried to capture some of the crazy speed, vicious burnouts and total race commitment of this very special motorsport scene…

North and south(west)…

Magic light at the jetty graveyard...
12 Jun 2013 / in Landscapes

Southwest Not overly ecxiting clouds this evening but a bit of moody light came alive after passing one-minute exposures. North Some B/W-shots from the road leading to Narvik – mixed with some midnight sun photos from Kiruna. No tripod on this trip so I needed to prop up the camera on all sorts during shooting…stones, […]

One way to spend lunch…

21 May 2013 / in Birds

So…I decided to skip lunch and instead use that time to get some bird-shots. It´s full-blown-springtime and that means the males are trying to be the best at singing, looking good and impressing the females…

RR – Roadracing Anderstorp Raceway

05 May 2013 / in Roadracing

Images from the qualification-runs at the Swedish Roadracing Championship. First RR-pics of the season and this is a mix-up from all the classes.

Lake Hornborga

21 Apr 2013 / in Birds

Spring feelings at Lake Hornborga… Strong sunlight made for tricky conditions but a few pics made it through the screening process.

Spring feelings…

14 Apr 2013 / in At home

After a winter like this…every little sign of spring is welcome. 2 of these squirrels were playing in the trees outside the house. That´s gotta be spring coming… But the beach shot that was taken just a few weeks ago clearly shows it´s some time before summer though. …and when theres not much flowers on […]