It´s been way to long…

…but yesterday –  I finally took a 15 minute breather,  stopped the car, forced myself to get out and try to shoot a few seascape-shots again. It´s not as if I forgot how to do it but this year has been an all-time-low for me regarding photography, and I really can’t say why… I´ve lost the touch and feeling somewhere along the way and I´m not really sure how to get that back. That “can’t wait to get home and upload the shots”-giddy feeling in my gut has diminished somewhat, but I realise the main problem probably is me not taking the time to get out and visit interesting places to shoot. It may also stem from my own feeling of almost never being satisfied with the results…which may be a good thing when pushing yourself to do better…but may also be a killer for the confidence in oneself.

Anyway…enough blabbering…! …here is the result from yesterdays fifteen minutes – longest exposure is around 3,5 minutes.

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