…this is what we do

Beside plain photoshoots and a huge variety of images for sale, we can also help you with copywriting, creating ad´s, logos, end-of-season-cards to sponsors etc, with a result that stands out…

Core Services


  • Motorsport: roadracing, cars, offroad etc…
  • Nature: Sceneries and landscapes…
  • Macro: Flowers-shots, products, splashes…
  • Events: Company meetings, people at work…
  • …and more.


Ad-design, motorsport end-of-season-cards and autograph-cards, christmas-cards, wall-art…and more.



Why not let us do the whole ad…from shooting the picture, editing, copywriting and layout. Putting together the right text is essential for getting the message through, and it´s a great advantage to get the whole package from pressing the shutter to delivery of printing-ready material.

glassandballshigh copy

Other Services

  • 3D design
  • Retouching
  • Phone and computer-wallpapers…